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Common Healing: Kevin Hansen announces new Commons documentary

Kevin Hansen: “Common Healing is the introduction to the commons documentary we are producing. This draft effort is a step towards describing the vision of a ‘third way’ beyond government and business, where people can directly organize around commons they share.” Watch the trailer here: Common Healing – trailer v2 from Kevin Hansen on Vimeo…. Continue reading

Kevin Carson on Bitcoin and the Phyles: dystopia or utopia?

Kevin Carson‘s take on Bitcoin, as reproduced from The Bitcoin Sun : “Neal Stephenson’s “The Diamond Age” was set some years after encrypted currencies and e-commerce removed most economic transactions into darknets beyond the government’s capability of monitoring and regulating, and thus caused tax bases around the world to implode. This was followed, in short… Continue reading

Blue Labour’s relational state, a partner state?

Jon Wilson explains the relational bias of Blue Labour and its conception of the state, which is quite related to our own conception of the Partner State. Excerpted from a Open Democracy debate: “The problem is that left-liberal politics imagines abstract values rather than strong relationships bind us to act together for the common good…. Continue reading

Colombia, chronicle of a Social Controversy Foretold: the story of copyright bill 241

Colombia, chronicle of a Social Controversy Foretold Translated by Carolina Mejía Original in spanish By Carolina Botero   Following the trend of other laws currently being enforced by other countries attempting to regulate ISP’s responsibility for copyright infractions made through the internet (known as Hadopi Law, Sinde Law, “Notice and take Down laws”, “Notice and Notice laws”,… Continue reading

The cyberstrike: online aspects of the June 30 anti-austerity mobilization in the UK

One thing is now certain- the zones of operation for political action are polymorphous and integrate into all areas of production and reproduction of capital- including immaterial areas such as the internet and IT networks. Contrary to what the mainstream media might print, the working-class are not dinosaurs but the productive class within society, and,… Continue reading

Towards post-futurism … What do we do after the ‘death of the future’?

Video interview with Franco “Bifo” Berardi on the release of his new book “After the Future”. Directed by Gary Genosko and produced by the Infoscape Centre for the Study of Social Media, Ryerson University. Interesting culture critique … the good news: it’s time to “live” again .. Bifo: After the Future from Preempting Dissent on… Continue reading

Digital Reverse Development: How the South is teaching the West

Reproduced from Dan McQuillan: “The idea of Digital Reverse Development is an observation and a call to action. It describes the way digitally-enabled social innovations from Brazil, Africa and elsewhere will start to tackle problems in the West. The part that’s most visible is the digital: @Ushahidi is moving mainstream, and there’s mobile tools from… Continue reading

Bifo on the crisis of European civilization and the cognitarian insurrection

Excerpted from The New Significance: 1. The Problem of Europe “There is no European identity. No ethnic identity, no religious identity, no national identity. This is the strenght and the beauty of the European project. Europe can only be the product of our mind. I would say also: a product of our imagination. And the… Continue reading