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The social media challenge in Singapore

Excerpted from Marwaan Macan-Marker, who cites analysis saying new technologies aided the opposition in the last election: “Weeks after a watershed general election in Singapore, the influential role played by social media to dramatically transform political debate in this affluent city- state continues to reverberate through cyberspace. “Social Media in Singapore Politics: It’s Serious Business… Continue reading

The communication commons against corporate social media and the ‘recuperation’ of the Internet by capital

Just as capital’s introduction of new technologies, by potentially freeing huge surpluses of time, has opened up prospects of liberation from work – so its expansion of new communications technologies inadvertently opens up a world of counter-usage. As computerization makes possible either intensified exploitation of labour or subversion of the wage form – so too… Continue reading

Thesis of the Week: Alternative Futures of Globalisation and the Emergence of a Planetary Self

Really good PhD thesis from Jose Ramos, on the history and prefigurative future of the alterglobalization movement: * Dissertation: Alternative Futures of Globalisation. A Socio-Ecological Study of the World Social Forum Process. José María Ramos. Queensland University of Technology Division of Research and Commercialisation. May 2010 First, see the prologue, explaining his personal motivation, followed… Continue reading