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Rosemary Bechler on Paul Hirst and the Pluralist State

From a long essay reacting to Paul Hirst’s ideas on Associative Democracy, which we excerpted yesterday. Rosemary Bechler: “How could such a competition for community standards be contained and the conflict of competing lifestyle groups, mitigated? The only way to contain the conflicts arising from cultural heterogeneity, he thought, is to extend the principle of… Continue reading

Let’s go open-source with digital patterns making

Susan Spencer Conklin

Susan Spencer Conklin is a networker, she’s not a programmer, but knows about programming, she’s not a designer but knows how to sew and in the last months she’s been giving presentations to invite developers to help create a suite of open source software to produce and modify clothing patterns in open data formats to match an individual’s body measurement and generate customized patterns as printable files.
Current applications for pattern making are infact proprietary and expensive, require proprietary operating systems, and on top on that they are not designed to interoperate or give not much control on the creation process. An open source-solution would enable individuals and small labels designers to enter the market with lower investments costs and local markets would flourish more easily being able to share and exchange knowledge.
And it’s not only a matter of business. Schools and educational environment would benefit of a software without paying multiple licenses and students would be involved in the open-source community from the beginning, being able to use it in different and more creative ways.

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Neal Gorenflo: Radicality and moderation in the struggle for the construction of commons

Full copy of the editorial text by Neal Gorenflo at Shareable: (This important editorial should in my opinion not be read as a critique of radicality, but as one of ‘righteous style’, which is one of the expressions of it.) “I didn’t expect that I’d learn anything about my identity during my Year of Living… Continue reading

Chris Cook’s critique of trusteeship and trust law

Peter Barnes once wrote that: the trust is to the commons as the corporation is to the market Chris Cook argues trusts are not an adequate governance mechanism: “It’s not the concept of a “Trust”/ Steward / Custodian I have a problem with: it’s (judge made) Trust Law or “Equity”. I prefer (consensual) partnership law… Continue reading

How to Resist Contagion in the Age of Networks

* Article: Virality: Contagion Theory in the Age of Networks. Tony Sampson. CTheory Richard Carslon writes: an excellent article by Tony Sampson on network/contagion social theory that puts him into current perspective visa vie Durkheim, Deleuze, Thacker, Hardt and other while exploring the often unconscious transmission of what spreads through the affective feedback loops of… Continue reading