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Jennifer Sertl on social business design and the need for a new breed of ‘transleaders’ (book)

Transorganizations: Organizations that design both interpersonal awareness and business strategy synergistically are more able to see and sense the macro-environment and are more able to create relevant value. Transleaders: Individuals who understand that their leverage comes from the coordination of getting things done through others through the use of compassion, awareness, developing conduits, acquiring and… Continue reading

Taking ‘gifting’ outside the liberal market paradigm

Eric Harris-Braun added an interesting comment to Gregory Rader’s previous article on asymmetric gift accounting, which is worth upgrading to article status in its own right. Here it is: “What I would like to add to this is that the language of “gift-based markets” keeps us in the old paradigm. “Gift” is a term created… Continue reading

Incubating the Social Web

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which is the body developing and setting standards of interaction on the internet, has established a group to help incubate the Social Web. The Social Web Incubator Group’s final report on the current situation is now available on the website. The report contains some interesting characterizations of the… Continue reading

Book of the Week: Douglas Rushkoff on seizing Protocollary Power: “Program or Be Programmed”

“Digital technologies are different. They are not just objects, but systems embedded with purpose. They act with intention. If we don’t know how they work, we won’t even know what they want. The less involved and aware we are of the way our technologies are programmed and program themselves, the more narrow our choices will… Continue reading

A non-apocalyptic vision of 2012, documentary by Daniel Pinchbeck and João Amorim

About the film: “2012: Time for Change” presents an optimistic alternative to apocalyptic doom and gloom. Directed by Emmy Award nominee João Amorim, the film follows journalist Daniel Pinchbeck, author of the bestselling 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, on a quest for a new paradigm that integrates the archaic wisdom of tribal cultures with the… Continue reading

OXCARS (The biggest free/libre event ever) and International Forum on Access to Culture and Knowledge in the Digital Era – Organization and Action (FCForum) are back!

ENGLISH Yes, OXCARS (The biggest free/libre event ever) and International Forum on Access to Culture and Knowledge in the Digital Era – Organization and Action (FCForum) are back! (Barcelona & online) Oxcars: 28 October, 21ºº h – Sala Apolo, Nou de la Rambla, 113, Barcelona. Metro: Paral.lel Fcforum: 28 -31 October, Like every other… Continue reading

In defense of grounded optimism: Clay Shirky on Open Culture and the Democratization of Media

If you believe that human nature is exactly evenly divided between good and bad, and that prosocial norms are neutral with respect to outcome, then the Internet would be a completely neutral technology. If you believe that humans are basically bad, that prosocial norms are almost invariably used to create group-oriented negatives, then you would… Continue reading

Stephen Downes on the evolution of open source learning management systems

Via Campus Technology’s Focus newsletter: Interview excerpt: “Campus Technology: How do you see open source learning management systems evolving over the next few years? Stephen Downes: I’m seeing two major trends — the first is that these systems are becoming more and more integrated with others, especially university student information systems. I see more of… Continue reading