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Update on social business design: from systems of record to systems of engagement

The ‘internal’ p2p business revolution has yet to taken place, but is gathering steam. John Mancini, on a new report by Geoffrey Moore: “We have spent the past several decades of IT investment focused on deploying ‘systems of record.’ These systems accomplished two important things,” notes Moore. “First, they centralized, standardized, and automated business transactions… Continue reading

Political net agnosticism: worrying about the present and future enclosures of the internet …

What do you think of this heartfelt cry of Antonio Lopez? Are we loosing “our internet”? “In terms of the Net, my biggest concern is the use of anti-piracy/counterfeiting laws to privatize civil complaints. Rather than go through the legal system to request warrants and to file official complaints against so-called pirates, entertainment companies are… Continue reading

Eben Moglen on the Commons as an Actor in Transforming the Global Political Economy

“The Commons has become active. It is no longer the passive traditional economy displaced by the superiority of ownership. It is now the new, the productive, and most importantly, it is the process that promisses to allow every brain on earth to learn.” A recommended 3-part lecture by Eben Moglen. Via: “An intriguing lecture on… Continue reading

New documentary, ReMade: The Rebirth of the Maker Movement

A Kickstarter appeal for crowdfunding, and the trailer: Follow a diverse group of makers and entrepreneurs as they document the achievements of current makers and the revolution they have inspired. ReMade: The Rebirth of the Maker Movement will reveal the stories of members of community-run workshops, including hackerspaces, makerspaces, and other collaborative organizations across the… Continue reading

Collective Creation (2): Sour’s collective online choreography

Via: “Sour had their fans tightly choreograph an incredible routine using only their webcams”: Is the above done with ? “It turns user-generated content into a user-generated composition by embedding videos of people making music (in the key of Bb) on the same webpage and allowing you to play them. At the same time.”… Continue reading

Douglas Rushkoff (2): Promoting openness without selfishness, towards a new ethics of collective sharing

This is the liability of “processing” together. We are living in an age when thinking itself is no longer a personal activity but a collective one. We are immersed in media and swimming in the ideas of other people all the time. We do not come up with our thoughts by ourselves anymore, so it’s… Continue reading

The Italian fashion interview: from interdisciplinarity to transdisciplinarity

Interdisciplinarity is to the division of labour what transdisciplinarity is to the distribution of labour. This interview was conducted by Bertram Niessen and Zoe Romano for the OpenWear blog, and concerns the shift to open source making and production of physical goods, which also concerns the fashion industry. The title above reflects my answer to… Continue reading

Peer-to-Peer Sharing in Product Service Systems

Podcast via Description ” “Why buy a drill if what you really want is a hole?” Alex told Nora about product service systems, which turn products (like drills) into services (like a drill rental service). There are many examples of product service systems all around us. Car sharing services and public libraries are good… Continue reading