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How does the idea of p2p / commonism differ from the socialist tradition?

What is the connection between the historical tradition of socialism/communism and the contemporary emergence of ideas and practices centered around p2p dynamics and the commons? 1. Let’s first tackle our understanding and interpretation of communism. To me it is basically the idea, probably born at the same time as post-tribal class-based society, that an alternative… Continue reading

Why the World Needs WikiLeaks

Via Open Culture: “Above, we have TED’s Chris Anderson interviewing Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, the whistle-blowing website that made headlines last month when it released the Afghan War Diaries, all 92,000 pages worth. During the 19 minute interview, Assange talks a little more about the philosophy behind WikiLeaks, how the organization decides when to… Continue reading

Is network theory the ideology of Empire?

Excerpted form Micah White’s article on the birth of the altermodern, this is summary of Zizek’s critique of network ideology as complicit in neocapitalist efforts: “According to Slavoj Žižek in the final chapter of his book Organs Without Bodies: On Deleuze and Consequences, the exemplars of Deleuzian philosophy are not the anarchists but the late-capitalists:… Continue reading

The spiritual basis of inequality

Excerpted from Tikkun’s Amanda Udis-Kessler: “Devaluation and dehumanization are equally important and equally present in any form of inequality that has both structural and cultural elements. And devaluation and dehumanization have profound spiritual implications for how social inequality works: “Devaluation in this context means just what it sounds like: a person is treated in ways… Continue reading

Mike Leung on the case for abolishing human rentals

Should we abolish wage labour? Mike Leung of the Abolish Human Rentals site argues the ethics and rationale for doing so: “Inalienable rights are universal non-transferable rights that arise from intrinsic human properties and are independent of the laws, beliefs, and customs of a society. They invalidate arrangements that seek to violate those rights and… Continue reading

Why electronics recycling is energy stupid, BUT open hardware and modular design is energy smart

Via Shareable‘s Neal Gorenflo: “We’ve talked about open hardware before, but not the energy saving advantages of it. We’ve focused more on the democratization of manufacturing. But in the video, Dominic Muren argues that open hardware is also as a vastly superior manufacturing strategy from an energy conservation standpoint and therefore is more appropriate in… Continue reading