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Inclusiva-net ebooks on networked culture and peer production

Inclusiva-net the research branch of MediaLab Prado is a dedicated platform for research, documentation, and circulation of network culture theory. “Its main study and documentation areas are the processes of social and cultural inclusion of telecommunication networks and their effects in the development of new artistic practices and critical knowledge production.” The website is… Continue reading

Andres Duany on neighborhood-based and funded Agricultural Urbanism

Fast transitions to resilient communities that offer energy independence, food security, and thriving local economies will require a new approach. Resilient communities need to be sold as an investment (there’s tens of trillions in investment capital currently on the sidelines). An investment package that makes it more attractive than the alternatives. That shouldn’t be hard,… Continue reading

How cooperation and collaboration may be “gamed”…

In a recent discussion with Venessa Miemis, Venessa asked me whether I thought cooperation can be “gamed” or not.  While it could be true that it is tough to game a mutual rating system (example: ebay rating system), there are known examples of ebay ratings being “gamed” by way of groups of people pretending to… Continue reading

Policy book: The future control of food

‘This is the best single summary of the political choices facing food and agriculture policymakers that has been written in this decade.’ – Pat Mooney, Executive Director, the ETC Group Book: The Future Control of Food. A Guide to International Negotiations and Rules on Intellectual Property, Biodiversity and Food Security. Edited By Geoff Tansey and… Continue reading

John Robb on open source wars, hollow states and local resiliency

Produce everything you can locally. Virtualize everything else. The value of your home will be based on the ability of your community to offer energy independence, food security, economic vitality, and protection. Survivalist stockpiles and zero footprint frugality are pathways to failure. Think in terms of vibrant local economic ecosystems that are exceedingly efficient, productive,… Continue reading

Distributed microgeneration of energy not yet good for the environment?

Just to clarify, I fundamentally believe microgeneration is a good thing. However, given the current antiquated state of the grid in many countries, the disconnect between generation and demand profiles for wind particularly, and the lack of decent energy storage technologies, the environmental benefits of microgeneration are far from straightforward. This will change as energy… Continue reading

What really is, sustainability? An economy modeled as an open thermodynamic system!

After establishing a series of clear principles defning sustainability, Eric Zencey, ina Primer, “Theses on Sustainability”, published in the May/June 2010 issue of Orion magazine, discusses the real meaning of sustainability, beyond ideological obfuscations making the term meaningless. Eric Zencey: “HUMAN CIVILIZATION has been built on the exploitation of the stored solar energy found in… Continue reading

How Different Is Your Bow-tie?

Michel Bauwens asked me to discuss bow-tie structures in relation to John Robb’s ongoing use of them on his “Global Guerillas” blog. There is so much to say about bow-tie structures and the ways in which the concept is deployed. This article will give a brief background, take a closer look, and end with a… Continue reading

Open Science Summit July 29-31 Berkeley

This summer, scientists, hackers, students, patients, and activists will convene to discuss the future of our science/technology paradigm. Topics include: Synthetic Biology, Gene Patents, Open Data, Open Access Publishing, Microfinance for Science, DIY Biology, Open Source Drug Discovery, Patent Pools, Patient Advocacy for Innovation, and more Ready for a rapid, radical reboot of the global… Continue reading