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Eva Waskell and the Election Integrity Movement: The Privatization of Democratic Elections via Computer Technology

Gordon Cook has published an extraordinary and in-depth report on the work of Eva Waskell, pioneer of the Election Integrity Movement: Report: The Privatization of Democratic Elections via Computer Technology, on Eva Waskell and the Election Integrity Movement. Cook Report, February 2010 Full report at Intro via Excerpts “Waskell: “The most important political… Continue reading

Onwards to a ‘third’ Group-Sharing Resource-Based ‘Economy’

Interview of Stephanie Smith, founder of the We Commune software project, by Allison Arieff of Shareable magazine: Interview: “AA: Explain the idea of the Third Economy. SS: The Third Economy is a group-based resource-sharing economy. I coined the term in order to give shape to the informal exchanges that are beginning to happen as a… Continue reading

The Value of Nothing, book review by David Bollier

Book: Raj Patel. The Value of Nothing. How to Reshape Market Society and Redefine Democracy. 2010 = new book on the fallacies of conventional economics and the rise of the commoners. Review excerpt from David Bollier: “The Value of Nothing: How to Reshape Market Society and Redefine Democracy is a spirited, well-written account of how… Continue reading

A tale of two tomatoes: the rationale for proximity-based urban farming

Video by Mike Yohay of Cityscape Farms : (via Shareable magazine who carries a full interview) Excerpt: “Mike Yohay, the founder and CEO of Cityscape Farms, is on top of the world. Or rather, his business is. This fall, he’ll begin realizing his dream of urban farming- on commercial rooftops. Cityscape Farms’ mission is simple:… Continue reading

David Ronfeldt’s continued investigations of governance and state forms

“Blond and Bauwens do not lack academic or other credentials, but their orientations are far more philosophical and ideological, deliberately political, even theological and spiritual, than I normally see in searching for future speculations that bear on TIMN. This too makes them interesting to review together, as a change of pace. Each in his own… Continue reading

Cognitive Surplus, book review by Evgeny Morozov

“The Internet will not automatically preserve—never mind improve—the health of democratic politics. Yes, a wired future might look good for democracy if some of the social functions currently performed by traditional media are taken up by new Internet projects. But that outcome needs to be demonstrated—perhaps constructively aimed at—rather than assumed. For populists such as… Continue reading

Introducing the food justice movement

Excerpted from Robert Gottlieb : “One of the most significant forms of innovation and change resides in the food sector, led by groups that have embraced the cause of what they are calling “food justice.” These include groups like the Holyoke, Massachusetts Nuestras Raices organization that links inner city community gardens, environmental justice organizing, and… Continue reading

Superfluid – exchange goods, services or simply favors…

Superfluid’s Quids are a stand-alone, non exchangeable currency intended to facilitate the trading of goods, services or … favors. The aim seems to be to build a community around a currency, rather than to impose an alternative currency on an existing community. Superfluid has created a commercially oriented currency, in the sense that it’s privately… Continue reading