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Outlaw biologists vs. DIY bio-hackers

We’ve gone from a post-industrial economy organized around big, hierarchical corporations that had informal but powerful ties with big but sparsely policed Universities, to a world of small start-ups and fluid venture capital, huge collaborative efforts to pursue an “industrial biology” and vastly increased federal power to influence, control and even prohibit research. We’ve gone… Continue reading

From Owning to Flowing

Republished from Jean-Francois Noubel’s editorial on the underlying philosophy of the Metacurrency Project: “Our consumer society has built an ideology of accumulation. This is triggered by the scarce monetary system. Rather than sharing the stuff we need, we accumulate it in our basements, garages and backyards. Skis, furniture, toys, lawnmowers, tools, washing machines, books (ah,… Continue reading

P2P Hierarchy Theory: Riane Eisler’s partnership way

A republication from February 2006: Riane Eisler’s Hierarchy of Actualisation The excerpt is from Russ Volckman’s excellent Integral Leadership newsletter. See below an insert about the importance of Eisler’s previous book about the origins of hierarchy. “Q: Would you characterize the partnership model? A: Well, let’s look at the Nordic Nations. First of all, rather… Continue reading

Four arguments against the illusion of philanthrocapitalism

Excerpt from Michael Edwards in Open Democracy: “There are four key points in my argument: First, neither philanthrocapitalism nor transformative approaches to social change are monolithic. Both contain many different strands, and they engage and overlap in the middle, sometimes with positive effects and sometimes not. These various strands and hybrids have different costs and… Continue reading

The concept and thesis of netarchical capitalism

A republication of January 2006, on my own concept of netarchical capitalism. Some of the references are dated, but I think the main concept is still valid. (the references to other sections are to my own manuscript, P2P and Human Evolution) Recall the following: the thesis of Cognitive Capitalism says that we have entered a… Continue reading