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Eliot Spitzer calls for an open source investigation of AIG and the bailouts

Excerpt from an editorial in the NYT: “A.I.G. was at the center of the web of bad business judgments, opaque financial derivatives, failed economics and questionable political relationships that set off the economic cataclysm of the past two years. When A.I.G.’s financial products division collapsed — ultimately requiring a federal bailout of $180 billion —… Continue reading

David Loy on the Relationship between Individual and Collective Awakening

Via Tikkun Daily: David Loy: “The basic difficulty about responding to the “climate emergency” – and a host of related eco-crises such as desertification, and what is happening to the world’s oceans, and mass extinction (half of the earth’s plant and animal species may disappear by the end of this century) – is that climate… Continue reading

The commons and the market: the debate

Four interesting contributions on their inter-relationships: * Alain Lipietz: “We have just seen that the rules of access, and the share of benefits and burdens that come with managing a common resource, may represent a “stack” of various community interests. The conflicts that may arise in allocating the respective benefits and burdens, will likely become… Continue reading

Should P2P Metaphysics adhere to the spiritual concept of Manifoldness instead of Oneness/Wholeness ?

= should a P2P metaphysics move away from conceptions of oneness/wholeness and instead opt for a manifoldness? This contribution by Mushin shows how conversation by social media, including Twitter, can lead to collective insights into complex philosophical matters. So his contribution is of interest both regarding content and form. See also the comments for an… Continue reading

10 points on the mandatory use of open standards in Hungary

Nyílt Szabvány Szövetség, Open Standards Alliance recently posted 10 points on the mandatory use of open standards in Hungary:    Hungarian Parliament has made the use of open standards mandatory by law in the intercommunication between public administration offices, public utility companies, citizens and voluntarily joining private companies, conducted via the central governmental system. This… Continue reading

Participatory Aspects of Radical Orthodoxy

In our recent article on Red Toryism, part of our ongoing investigation of neotraditional approaches, we mentioned its rootedness in the theological approach called Radical Orthodoxy. Andrew Willis of Spectrum Magazine gives some details about its radical nature and relation to ‘participation’: “What is so radical about it? RO is firstly a critique of modernity… Continue reading