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Creation of a UN Lobby for Global Governance of the Commons by the People

Via James Quilligan, a message from Lisinka Ulatowska: “A growing number of organizations are planning a dialogue with Governments, a cooperative lobby, starting with the CSD in May 2010 to see how the Global Commons (those areas of the world and human experience that are vital to the well-being of humanity and the Planet) can… Continue reading

Andreas Wittel: Funding a Material Commons for Social Innovation

In this excerpt of Andreas Wittel contributions to the Reimagining Society Project , one of the key questions concerns the role of state-based funding. Andreas Wittel: “Social production and the multiplication of the things being produced has severe implications for everything that is holy to the spirit of capitalism. It challenges the notion of (intellectual)… Continue reading

Is the long tail being undermined by an online monoculture that is ‘worse than mass media’?

Whenever I make these claims someone says “Well I use Netflix and it’s shown me all kinds of films I didn’t know about before. It’s broadened my experience, so that’s an increase in diversity.” And someone else points to the latest viral home video on YouTube as evidence of niche success. So this post explains… Continue reading

Social media: re-introducing centralization through the backdoor

Armin Medosch: “In media theory much has been made of the one-sided and centralised broadcast structure of television and radio. the topology of the broadcast system, centralised, one-to-many, one-way, has been compared unfavourable to the net, which is a many-to-many structure, but also one-to-many and many-to-one, it is, in terms of a topology, a highly… Continue reading

Five reasons why the new capitalism must be ethical

The original article, Five ideas on value and the crisis, was a contribution by Adam Arvidsson to the Reimagining Society Project hosted by ZCommunications. Adam Arvidsson: “We are, it would seem, in the midst of a historical crisis of the capitalist system. As the dynamo effects of the sub-prime collapse ripple through the economy, from… Continue reading

International coalition for civil rights of citizens and artists in the digital era

Via Simona Conservas of EXGAE: “A huge international coalition has come together to campaign for respect for the civil rights of citizens and artists in the digital era. Today they will be launching internationally the “Charter for Innovation, Creativity and Access to Knowledge”. This initiative constitutes the beginning of an unprecedented offensive of civil society… Continue reading

Robin Wood on Shifts in Value Exchange as related to phases in Human Development

A contribution by Robin Wood, applying the Spiral Dynamics theory of human developmental phases to value exchange. Robin Wood: “I believe it is helpful to context how value is created, appropriated and exchanged at different levels of development. We need to answer the first question posed by this group: What are all the different types… Continue reading