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P2P and the Social Cloud

Social networking services available on the web are based upon proprietary software which have the ultimate purpose of advertisement-driven profit which implicitly demands tracking user activities. On the other hand, in order to allow people’s collective intelligence to fully develop by means of their self-organized social networks, communication in social networking software must be independent… Continue reading

The coming revolt of the guards, by Howard Zinn

This is an excerpt from chapter 24 of Howard Zinn’s book, A People’s History of the United States, chosen by Paul Fernhout: “However, the unexpected victories-even temporary ones-of insurgents show the vulnerability of the supposedly powerful. In a highly developed society, the Establishment cannot survive without the obedience and loyalty of millions of people who… Continue reading

Frank Pasquale’s Assessment of Algorithmic Authority

This is a comment on Clay Shirky’s “A Speculative Post on the Idea of Algorithmic Authority,”, excerpts of which were also featured on our p2p blog. Frank Pasquale: “Here are some reasons to worry about that process: a) Shirky notes in the piece that there are several kinds of knowledge out there unsusceptible to assessments… Continue reading

Peak Globalization and the (historical) logic of relocalization

Fred Curtis: A double whammy of higher energy costs and extreme climate events will disrupt global transportation patterns, reversing the historical trend towards greater and greater levels of global trade and forcing a process of “relocalization” Excerpted from a contribution by John Michael Greer: “That relocalization needs to happen, and will happen, is clear. Among… Continue reading

Putting the commons to work: the next market wave

This blog entry from Massimo De Angelis is available from his website, with links: “The next disciplinary market wave — if it will come at all — will likely be greatly dependent on commons at every scale of social action. For this reason, a reasonably strong political recomposition wave around commons to contrast this market… Continue reading