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Has Leviathan been open-sourced?

A paragraph from a draft paper of mine titled “After the crisis: Towards a new social contract” for an April  2010 conference at Tallinn University of Technology: ….. Has Leviathan been open-sourced? One can articulate that all this relatively new theoretical universe successfully replaces Levathian with open source, collaborative production models, which motivate and elevate… Continue reading

“Forge lock in” is not the problem. It’s the choices that people make, that are the problem.

(the following is derived from ongoing conversation among Sam Rose, Paul B Hartzog, Rick Adler, and Keith Smith [and probably others I am currently forgetting about) At Eric S. Raymond writes: The worst problem with almost all current hosting sites is that they’re data jails. You can put data (the source code revision history,… Continue reading

Conflict in Adoption of Collaborative Networks: Call for Papers

Via Athina Karatzogianni: Call For Papers for The Inaugural Conference of the Virtual Communication, Collaboration and Conflict (VIRT3C) Research Group at the University of Hull VIRT3C@Hull 2010: Developing the Virtual Society: Conflict in Adoption of Collaborative Networks 19-20 March URL = Public Keynote speaker: * Geert Lovink (Institute for Network Cultures and University of… Continue reading

Revisiting Social Welfare in P2P

An important research paper from the p2p team at T.U. Delft: Report: Revisiting Social Welfare in P2P. Rameez Rahman, Michel Meulpolder, David Hales, Johan Pouwelse, Henk Sips. Delft University of Technology, Parallel and Distributed Systems Report Series More info via [email protected] Abstract: “Extensive work has been done on studying freeriding and incentivizing cooperation in peer-to-peer… Continue reading

Cory Doctorow. Makers

Cory Doctorow.  Makers (Tor, 2009). The major themes I’ve written about here lately — the decline of traditional mass-production industry, the crisis of value and shift of production outside the cash nexus, the rise of micromanufacturing (see “The Homebrew Industrial Revolution“), the digital/network culture — are all central to Makers.  And given my research and… Continue reading

Gerd Leonhard: Towards a Digital Music License, in the UK and the world (Open Letter to Peter Mandelson)

Great summary of the filesharing issue and how to solve it by marrying consumer interests and artists income alike. Source: Open Letter to Lord Mandelson, First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills (UK). By Gerd Leonhard, October 12, 2009 “Dear Lord Mandelson, The proposed “3 Strikes” legislation is flawed in… Continue reading

Open City New York: an update by Matt Cooperrider

Below is a response from Matt Cooperrider, organizer of the Open Government NYC meetup group to a previous article about open cities. “While Mayor Bloomberg’s recent initiatives are innovative and forward-looking, perhaps his most valuable role for the openness movement in New York CIty has been as a foil. This is a mayor so strong… Continue reading

The economic rationale for ‘collaborative goods’: complementing Ostrom

Mark Cooper could easily have been the third leg of the stool of the recent Nobel Prize for economics, which rewarded research into the economic rationale of non-market modes. Thanks to Jaap van Till for reminding us of a commentary on a landmark essay on the rationale for choosing collaborative goods. The commentary by Harold… Continue reading

Supporting indigenous communities and biodiversity against the enclosure of the commons

For indigenous communities, biodiversity has always been a local, commonly shared resource on which they have been dependent for their livelihood. The current moves in many countries of the South to introduce new intellectual property laws under the GATT/WTO agreements to, in effect, ‘enclose’ these ‘commons’ and bring them under a regime of private property… Continue reading