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Mutiny on Spaceship Earth

The most serious problem for our time is realistically imagining how we can get from here (capitalist ecocide) to there (Ecotopia) without invoking supernatural or extraterrestrial intervention. ZNet is hosting a massive debate between a multitude of world-changers, called Re-Imagining Society. (see my own short contribution formulated as a series of theses). A good place… Continue reading

Hooked on Growth: documentary on the post-growth economy

As a professional filmmaker I decided to produce this film as an intervention. Your friends and family, business associates, elected representatives – and even your priest – all need to see Hooked on Growth, so we can recognize the addiction and begin the recovery. This film examines the superstitions and outdated beliefs we must leave… Continue reading

Open Sailing – an organic approach to homesteading the sea

A contribution from Eric Hunting: “The notion of marine colonization is, perhaps, almost as old as the legend of Atlantis that so often seems to inspire it and, energized by industrial prowess and stimulated by Modernist idealism, the 20th century saw the emergence hundreds of different visions of marine settlement, though for the most part… Continue reading

The ethical economy of socially responsible outsourcing

Socially Responsible Outsourcing => ethical outsourcing => ethical economy. There is a growing sense of the need for social & ethical framework for development and doing business in emerging markets. Is there a good ethical side to outsourcing, when it is specifically dedicated to create an economy in the poorer regions of the world? Samasource… Continue reading

Food localisation and the culture of the audit (vs. regulation)

From an interesting essay on the resurgence of sustainable agriculture and its stress on food localization. Jordan Kleiman reviews critical reactions to Michael Pollan, whose 2006 bestseller The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals “has contributed substantially to the recent burst of enthusiasm for local food.” The critic is Julie Guthman, professor of… Continue reading

The zigzag path of collaborative community within the firm

Essay: Paul S. Adler and Charles Heckscher. Essay: Paul S. Adler and Charles Heckscher. Towards Collaborative Community / (Book: The Corporation as a Collaborative Community) This is an absolutely remarkable essay, nothing else than an indispensable must-read, that charts the history of community within the capitalist form, from the earliest community oriented paternalism (the ‘Gemeinshaft’… Continue reading

Carrotmob activism

Via Mediacology: “Carrotmob is a good example of the kinds of social activism enabled by Internet social networks that Clay Shirky talks about in Here Comes Everybody– a combination flash mob and consume pressure that invites social change through positive engagement with businesses.” Watch the founder of the movement explaining it here: