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Ryan Lanham on Why P2P isn’t Capitalism or Socialism

Ryan Lanham has been continuing his work on establishing the Core P2P Collaboration Principles, which takes a more ethical approach to P2P. I’ve asked him to elaborate on his point of view for our blog. Ryan Lanham: “A peer-to-peer (P2P) project is not suitably classified under any mainstream economic system. That’s because the motivations behind… Continue reading

Feedback loops of attention in peer production

Via Ryan Lanham: “Article: Feedback loops of attention in peer production, Fang Wu, Dennis, M. Wilkinson and Bernardo A. Huberman, 2009/05/12, Abstract: “A significant percentage of online content is now published and consumed via the mechanism of crowdsourcing. While any user can contribute to these forums, a disproportionately large percentage of the content is submitted… Continue reading

How parasitic investments lead to a contraction cycle

This could be seen as an update to our contribution on “The new long wave“. The following excerpts (see the wiki links) are from a must read article by Thornton Parker, “Reforming Global Finance: From Wall Street Bird Nests to Main Street Growth Cycles”, which appeared in Hazel Henderson’s Parker’s argument can be summarized… Continue reading

Debating Parecon (2): First response to Michael Albert’s Challenge

We continue our coverage of the P2P/Parecon debate featured at ZNet. Below is my response to Michael’s questions and (counter)arguments. It does perhaps not adequately address the recurring question about p2p values, a subject to which I may return. 1. Michael Albert writes: “You say peer to peer is “bottom-up” processes whereby “agents in a… Continue reading

Obama, Ptolemy and the end of the bank-centric universe

From a really brilliant intervention by Arianna Huffington at the Huffington Post, which I received via Arianna Huffington: “A series of recent meetings with members of Barack Obama’s economic team (including running into Larry Summers on my way to an appointment in the West Wing, leading to a spirited back-and-forth that made me feel… Continue reading