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The emergence of the post-piratical era and the future of P2P

Since some ten years now, a strong mentality has been established among the world’s Internet users which expects unregulated duplication to be the natural mode of the network. And human mentality is something which tends to be hard to change. Probably the best analysis of the consequences of the Pirate Bay trial, which appeared in… Continue reading

The emergence of a fashion ‘maker’ industry in Argentina

From a report by Ethan Zuckerman, which appeared in Worldchanging: ” it’s extremely cool to be dressed in locally made clothing. Hand-printed t-shirts are ubiquious on men, often featuring the logos of bands who would happily sue the designers into penury, if they could only find them. (The Ramones logo, refigured with Hunter S. Thompson… Continue reading

The role of internet and other media in Thailand’s strife

We’re drawing mainly from an article by Evgeny Morozov, probably the world’s best expert on political usage of the internet, now writing for Foreign Policy’s Net Effect. We’re quoting by media type. 1. YouTube videos Evgeny writes: “Ethan Zuckerman’s post about the infamous video in which Thaksin supposedly acknowledges that he’s been paying his supporters;… Continue reading

John Robb on the need for scale invariance in resilient communities

Useful lesson in network theory and p2p strategy from John Robb. John Robb: “Essentially, scale invariance means that across all scaling factors (large, medium, small, tiny, etc.), the properties that define the whole are conserved (intelligence, mobility, form, productivity, etc.). Scale invariance is a requirement for societal resilience.” Why is this important? “Our global system… Continue reading