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An Open Capital framework as a solution to the financial meltdown

A contribution from Chris Cook, via European Tribune: “The Credit Crash marks the end of an era for the global financial system, and the beginning of another. Few understand our modern banking system, but in simple terms it consists of banks as “credit intermediaries” who create credit based upon an amount of capital specified by… Continue reading

Experiments in participatory regulation

Anthony D. Williams at the Wikinomics blog has been making great strides in researching and presenting experiences in “participatory regulation”. In his introductory posting, he writes that: “Without transparency, oversight and accountability, self-regulation is clearly inadequate. At the same time, the speed, interdependency and complexity of today’s world makes a return to centralized rulemaking and… Continue reading

The Epistemology of Wikipedia

Episteme publishes articles on the social dimensions of knowledge from the perspective of philosophical epistemology and related social sciences. It’s February 2009 issue (Vol. 6, no. 1) is dedicated to the epistemology of mass collaboration, and specifically, carries a number of articles dedicated to the trustworthiness of Wikipedia. For example: * WIKIPEDIA and the Epistemology… Continue reading

A conference for the Open Video movement

An Open Video Alliance has been created based on a collaboration of the Yale Law School Information Society Project, the Participatory Culture Foundation, Kaltura, and iCommons. They are organizing their first Open Video conference and have created a “call for proposals“. Here is how they explain the need for an open video movement, i.e. the… Continue reading