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The (beginning of the) end of the closed world of mobile?

Open Source will be topic Number 1 on the operator agenda in 2009. One of the contrasts between the computer-based internet and the walled gardens based world of mobile telephony was the difference between open vs. closed approaches. This has always made mobile developments, despite their greater popular acceptance, somewhat of a less enthusing developments,… Continue reading

Are spimes becoming a reality? On the revolution in on/off objects

Spimes are objects that are traceable throughout their lifecycle, so that they can give birth to a new sustainable economy. The idea and concept was started by Bruce Sterling: “Our material culture is not sustainable. Its resources are not renewable. We cannot turn our entire planet’s crust into obsolete objects. We need to locate valuable… Continue reading

Obama’s Open Start

“My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government…Government should be transparent…Government should be participatory…Government should be collaborative.” Apart from a delicious tag, I’m also starting a Obama Policy Watch page on our wiki, to link to important policy initiatives, such as his recent open and transparent government memorandum, quoted above…. Continue reading

User filtering not always appropriate or popular

A case study reported by Springwise, concerning Yerzies, which “lets consumers design and sell their own T-shirts”: “whereas any designer could originally use Yerzies to sell their creations directly via their own web page, blog or page on Facebook and MySpace, getting listed in the online Yerzies store required being ranked highly enough by the… Continue reading

Network sociality vs community sociality: do we need more refined concepts?

How can we conceptualise the relationship between technological and social change at the local level? More specifically, what conceptual tools have we got at our disposal to study the emergence of new Internet-related forms of local sociality? Essay: Localizing the internet beyond communities and networks. John Postill. New Media & Society, Vol. 10, No. 3,… Continue reading

A proposal to Obama: $1b for Community Infrastructure Builders

A proposal from e-democracy advocate Steven Clift. The draft for discussion is available here. Community Infrastructure Builders – The Online Bridge to Somewhere “An innovative “shovel ready” option for the U.S. economic stimulus – Discussion draft by Steven Clift Discuss this idea and share your own on the U.S. Democracy Online Exchange: A bridge… Continue reading

Study: Sustainable agriculture exceeds expectations

Report: AGROECOLOGICAL APPROACHES TO AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT. By Jules Pretty. RIMISP This document is part of a series of contributions by Rimisp-Latin American Center for Rural Development ( to the preparation of the World Development Report 2008 “Agriculture for Development”. Frances Moore Lappé highlights its importance: “On every continent one can find empowered rural communities developing… Continue reading

Seigniorage Reform: a monetary reform for the information age

Sepp Hasslberger noticed our entry on the “Creating New Money” report by the New Economics Foundation in our wiki, and gives a summary of the essential policy proposals contained in it. Report: CREATING NEW MONEY: A monetary reform for the information age. By Joseph Huber & James Robertson. New Economics Foundation, 2008. Sepp Hasslberger: “The… Continue reading

David Ronfeldt: hierarchies will not disappear

Here’s is David Ronfeldt’s reaction to our critique formulated here and which concerned his new update to his seminal paper on cyberocracy: David Ronfeldt: “Michel et al. — Fair enough. Interesting too. Some comments in reply: At first sight, I thought your criticisms meant we had generally neglected p2p networks. But that can’t be. We… Continue reading