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Urban Ghosts

In early 2008 at the University of Michigan, drawing on inspirations like,, and Malcolm McCullough’s work on “networked cities”, Lauren Myers and I created a presentation/idea on “Urban Ghosts” which asks the question: How can we make visible in the landscape the invisible geography of loss? Our urban history is replete with buildings… Continue reading

Debating copyright law in Giessen, Germany

The morning discussion of the second day of the conference Das Internet. Zwischen egalitärer Teilhabe und ökonomischer Vermachtung, focused on Intellectual Property legislation. A qualified panel consisting of Professor Lawrence Solum, University of Illinois,  John Henrik Weitzman, Creative Commons, Berlin, Alexander Peukert, Max Planck Institute and Giorgios Gounalakis, Universtät Marburg discussed the future of IP… Continue reading

Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network: Commons in the air…

Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network (AWMN), launched in 2002,  is a social, non-profit initiative that aims to connect people and services through the wireless technology in cooperation with educational institutions, state authorities and other wireless communities in Greece. The participation in AWMN’s network is open: it is a network of people for the people. According to its… Continue reading

Open Everything in London on November 6

From the organizer’s wiki: On 6 November 2008, London will host an Open Everything event, a global conversation about the art, science and spirit of ‘open’. The conversation will cover, well, everything. Qualifier: the ‘thing’ in question is built using openness, participation and self-organisation. There are people coming to talk about open technology, media, education,… Continue reading

Open Source Ecology Compressed Earth Block Proposal

Marcin writes: We have released v0.1 of the OSE CEB Proposal, which is a summary of our product release plan for the CEB press. This helps put the entire CEB project in perspective to supporters. The abstract reads: Herein we provide a short overview of the Open Source Ecology (OSE) enterprise development model and deployment… Continue reading

DistriBrute: P2P Powered Desktop Deployment

Possibly significant for showing the commercial uptake of p2p-oriented technical solutions. Via Torrentfreak: “Keeping large networks up to date can be a costly practice. Large corporations or government institutions often need dozens, if not hundreds of servers to distribute updates and patches, for which they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.” More details:… Continue reading

New book: Egalitarian and Hierarchical Impulses in Institution Building

Book: Organising and Disorganising: A Dynamic and Non-Linear Theory of Institutional Emergence and its Implications. Dr Michael Thompson. Triarchy Press, 2008. Via the author, the following description, of what I think should be a very significant book from a p2p point of view: “Following his previous seminal work in this area (see panel on right),… Continue reading