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Biobazaar (2): open biology and appropriate technology

Book of the Week: Biobazaar. The Open Source Revolution and Biotechnology. By Janet Hope. Harvard University Press, 2008. We continue our presentation of Janet Hope’s new book on open source biology. Janet Hope: “Another broad social movement with potentially very strong connections to open source biotechnology is the appropriate technology (AT) movement. Adherents believe that… Continue reading

Special issue on using Open Source methods for social innovation

You’ll find the free online magazine mentioned below here. From the editor’s intro: “Social Innovation is the theme of the September issue of the Open Source Business Resource. This issue captures important aspects of how open source assets, processes, and values may be used to create social and environmental value. Some of these aspects are… Continue reading

Does genetic food become palatable when it is a public good

Seed Magazine reports on efforts to make genetic engineering research a public good and says that it is vital for the next green revolution. Excerpt: “Free distribution and local ownership of bioproperty will be one crucial aspect of the new Green Revolution. Another will be the cultivation of locally adapted varieties. “The second Green Revolution… Continue reading

The other singularity: from the Great Meltdown to the Great Escape

A brilliant excerpt from the fifteenth chapter of Kevin Carson’s draft on Organisational Theory, which I will discuss in detail in daily submissions from October 2 to 5. If you can’t wait, go read it now, it’s has all the makings of a masterpiece. In this excerpt, Kevin Carson discusses a possible counter-strategy to the… Continue reading

Thoughts on P2P production and deployment of physical objects

Our Italian friend Marco Fioretti, of the social-catholic free software advocacy group Eleutheros, a man with a longstanding experience in the manufacturing of integrated circuits, has summarized a discussion we have on the specific difficulties of using peer to peer methods in the sphere of real physical production. Marco summarizes the other contributions, and strongly… Continue reading

Christian Siefkes on the difference between capitalism and the peer economy

This is a response to some of the challenges expressed by Stefan Merten, who believes Siefkes book re-introduces capitalist concepts in another form. Christian Siefkes: “In so far as current peer production tends to go, my solution is the same as of current peer production processes: you can take anything, without having to give anything… Continue reading

How do corporations and communities relate?

Earlier this month, we started processing/summarizing a number of research papers that relate findings about the concrete governance of free software production. As a reminder, we covered: – The governance of sponsored open source projects and their communities – Decision Rights in Open Source – Modularity in Open Source – Protective mechanisms in the peer… Continue reading

True and not so true Open Educational Resources

Via Leigh Blackall: “MIT have published a text called Opening Up Education, but under a copyright license that is one step short of All Rights Reserved. On the other hand, Utah State University in collaboration with the Commonwealth of Learning and individual designers have published the OER Handbook. Available under a free and practically nonrestrictive… Continue reading

The revolution in accounting and the emergence of ethical markets

You may want to read Hazel Henderson’s reaction to the financial meltdown. Her stress on ethical markets is in tune with our own analysis of capitalist formats being subsumed through peer to peer-based ‘partner’ logics. Of interest is the paragraph in which she refers to deep changes that have taken place in statistical and accounting… Continue reading

The market, democracy, and peer to peer consent

Brilliant political intervention from our friend Dale Carrico at Amor Mundi. The original title was: Democracy, Consent, and Enterprise (and Their Contraries, Aristocracy, Duress, and Exploitation) Republished in full as a guest editorial, for saying all the right things. Faced with abject market failure, it’s important to break free of the ideological tyranny of the… Continue reading