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Eric Hunting on the historical origins of peer to peer architecture, part two

We continue our fascinating conversation with polymath Eric Hunting (for the first part, see here). Based on that prior question, I formulated my third question thusly: First of all, I’m not sure I understand the distinction you make between property and propriety? Perhaps you could elaborate. Second, do you have any ideas about a possible… Continue reading

How world-changing are the culture and politics of free software?

Geert Lovink interviews Christopher Kelty on the issues covered by his book Two Bits, before Kelty’s joining of the UCLA staff in August 2008. This is a really grand interview that poses all the right questions and issues, and I may engage with it further in the future, but here is just the text of… Continue reading

Eric Hunting on the historical origins of peer to peer architecture

This is the start of a fascinating interview with polymath Eric Hunting. In the first question, while reviewing his interest in sustainable building, he mentions a number of modernist antecedents, while the second question is the occasion for a more lengthy disgression on the p2p aspects of traditional community architecture. Question: I have been impressed… Continue reading

Companies, user innovation, and the governance of online communities

The Journal Industry & Innovation, (Volume 15 Issue 2 2008), seems to have published a timely special issue on a theme dear to our heart: Online Communities and Open Innovation: Governance and Symbolic Value Creation. Only the introduction is in free access and we quote from it: “Online communities, therefore, can constitute an important external… Continue reading