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Kevin Carson on peer production as a crisis of capitalism

Kevin Carson is continuing his work on Organization theory , and has published added drafts and excerpts for chapter 13 and 15. I have always liked Kevin’s work because, though it is libertarian and in his own words, ‘free market fundamentalist’, his brand of mutualism is not based on a justification of the exploitation of… Continue reading

Are higher transportation costs reversing globalization?

Michel Bauwens recently sent this link in an email to the p2plist: /economic_public/download /feature1.pdf Along with the question: “Are higher transportation costs reversing globalization?” My own answer: Globalization was never a self-sustaining system to begin with. Globalization began in part (after WWII) precisely because local systems were too efficient for market mass producers. They… Continue reading

Video: Evolving the network: Politics, Culture and Consciousness

“On March 28, 2008 Reality Sandwich/Evolver sponsored a panel discussion on the capacity of digital technology to transform our reality. As moderator Ken Jordan put it, “What’s going to emerge from this digital soup?” The panelists were Laura Dawn, cultural director of MoveOn; Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky, musician, writer, and filmmaker; Daniel Pinchbeck,… Continue reading

Ethan Zuckerman on Homophily, Serendipity, and Xenophilia

From an extensive blog discussion by Ethan Zuckerman, this touches a key problematic of the internet, how to avoid that “like seeks like” and therefore shows no interest in the other, even though he is more present on the internet than he/she was ever before. Finding out alternative voices has turned from a problem of… Continue reading

B.J. Fogg on Mass Interpersonal Persuasion and the end of marketing

Those of you who have attented my p2p lectures, will have heard one of my key arguments about the political/social importance of the internet as an enabling technology, which allows the global scaling of small group dynamics. This notion is akin to the concept used by Stanford professor BJ Fogg, recently featured in Fast Company,… Continue reading