Date archives "January 2008"

Richard Poynder’s Open and Shut interviews

Worth mentioning again: Richard Poynder continues to interview and profile luminaries of the various “open” (access, data, content, etc…) movements. It’s an extraordinary record of our changing times and knowledge practices. Here’s a sample: – with Peter Murray-Rust: who “is working at the frontline of what has been dubbed Science 2.0, an online interactive environment… Continue reading

Video activists starting “New Screw Tube” campaign against YouTube dominance

From the activists at Transmission, which is a network of citizen journalists, video makers, artists, researchers, programmers and web producers who are developing online video distribution tools for social justice and media democracy. They write that the “No Screw Tube” campaign, which aims to encourage people to use other video-sharing resource sites than just YouTube,… Continue reading

From Citizendium to Eduzendium

Great initiative, read via Peter Suber. Announcement: “…Traditional teaching saw students laboring to produce essays that to them felt onerous and oftentimes pointless. Once read by the lecturer their writing was generally consigned to the dustbin…. [T]he online reference encyclopedia project Citizendium, in collaboration with expert teachers and lecturers, has launched Eduzendium. The Eduzendium project… Continue reading

Spiritual expression in the peer to peer era (2): towards a theory of the spiritual commons?

We continue our explorations of participatory forms of spirituality, that we started yesterday. Developments in theory: the participatory and relational spirituality approaches by Jorge Ferrer and John Heron John Heron makes a very strong case for a relational approach to spirituality, for which he defines 8 characteristics: “the spirituality of persons is developed and revealed… Continue reading

Patrick Anderson on the rivalry of non-rival resources

At Oekonux, Patrick Anderson makes the very useful point that we cannot ignore the materiality of so-called immaterial resources. Patric Anderson: “I would like to discuss what appears to be an almost universal confusion about the nature of reality itself that causes us to think rivalry (finiteness) is limited to certain *TYPES* of things (such… Continue reading

Decentralized Co-Creation of Value as a New Paradigm in Commerce and Culture

David Bollier has produced a new report that distills the proceedings of a conference of the Aspen Institute and is entitled, The Rise of Collective Intelligence. Here is a summary of some of the topics covered by the report, from David Bollier: “bottom-up knowledge empowers ordinary individuals to approach market transactions on a more equal… Continue reading