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What the Web 3.0 really means: from the WWW to the Giant Social Graph

Tim Berners-Lee has a critically important posting which gives a key understanding to the totality of post-WWW technological evolution. Tim Berners-Lee proposes a three-phased evolution of the internet/web: 1. The internet (III = International Information Infrastructure) as the interconnecting of computers 2. The web (WWW) as the interconnecting of documents 3. The GGG (literally: Global… Continue reading

Using the P2P-based cyberinfrastructure as a weapon against global warming?

The general internet infrastructure that we love so much because it enables peer to peer dynamics, is also itself part of the problem in causing global warming. How can we preserve this important infrastructure under the pressure of the environmental cost? This issue is causing some p2p-advocates sleepless nights, so it is with great joy… Continue reading