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Johan Soderbergh on Hacking Capitalism

Johan Soderbergh’s new book is out and available via Amazon. While very pricey, which is really contradictory for such a topic, I have no doubt that this will be a significant book, as I’ve had the chance to read and hear Johan before. We hope to feature excerpts in our P2P Book of the Week… Continue reading

Some general comments on reputation economies

I’m far from being an expert in this topic, but I have been invited to participate in the Yale Information Society Project Symposium on Reputation Economies in Cyberspace, where I will speak in the panel on “Making a Name Online”, based on our experiences with launching the P2P Foundation from scratch. Part of the exercise… Continue reading

The real social media spammers: Hollywood and the music industry…?

Big media is scared of social media There is another aspect to the recent TechCrunch stories (first one, follow up) about social media spamming that has not been focused on yet: the young entrepreneur/student who does all the dirty work has, as it seems, high profile clients paying him to do this. Comment no. 23… Continue reading

On the four stages of freedom and the need for Triple-Free approaches

One of the other interesting presentations during the Nottingham Peer Production Workshop was Tere Vaden’s intriguing presentation entitled a “Critique of Cybercommunism”. This title is misleading as Tere Vaden actually points out that people in favour of free and commons oriented approaches shouldn’t be satisfied with using tools owned by centralized corporations. Tere makes an… Continue reading

Daniel Pinchbeck on a Tantric approach to social change

Daniel Pinchbeck has posted a stimulating analysis on how we could and should approach social change. His longish posting is well worth a read. Here, I’m posting the conclusion, as he proposes a non-confrontational approach which “engages and absorbs the enemies”. My own contributions to a renewal of the emancipatory tradition have been posted here… Continue reading

Is there an enemy in peer production? 1) Stefan Meretz

Interesting contribution which appeared on the Oekonux mailing list, by Stefan Meretz: “To me the term “antagonist” seems to be an holy term of traditional working class movement, at least a religious term (Marx: “fetish”). It says, that the struggle can only be “solved” by transcending capitalism. So if you fight inside capitalism, say for… Continue reading

Providing open local public access to the internet: OPLAN Foundation

We met Malcolm Matson during a breakfast meeting at The Hub in London (an incubator for social innovation), and were very inspired by his efforts to create a worldwide infrastructure of free local access to the internet at the local level, by way of the OPLAN Foundation. Here’s a basic explaination of these efforts: OPLANs… Continue reading

The political economy of peer production: Adam Arvidsson and the Ethical Economy

I’ve just returned from Nottingham, UK., where I participated in the first-ever academic workshop on p2p concepts, a conference/workshop on “the political economies of peer production”. I plan on giving a review of each presentation in blog postings here. This first post is about Adam Arvidsson’s amazing, and thought provoking presentation on what he is… Continue reading

Report on Japan a leader in complementary currencies

The following is a summary of a lecture by Bernard Lietaer, showing the vibrancy of alternative monetary systems in Japan. Japan as a world leader in seeking new approaches by promoting complementary community currencies to solve the economic strife that has been constantly plaguing Japan since the early 1990‚s. Bernard explained that since money is… Continue reading