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Are bloggers changing politics?

In These Times reviews a significant book by Matt Bai, The Argument: Billionaires, Bloggers and the Battle to Remake Democratic Politics, the author being the New York Times Magazine’s leading political journalist, ITT writes that Bai “has written an entertaining narrative that combines serious analysis with an often rollicking mix of humor and political gossip…. Continue reading

“Social Publishing” talks coming up

(Via  Panarchy “Social Publishing” talks coming up | Fellow P2P Foundation blogger Paul Hartzog will be in the UK in November to talk about the exciting topic of  Social Publishing Nov 14, de Montfort University, Leicester, U.K.; Institute of Creative Technologies IOCT Co-presenter: Richard Adler, Michigan State University “Social Publishing” This talk will focus… Continue reading

What’s next for the Global Village movement?

Marcin Jakubowski’s Open Source Ecology project, which aims to create concretely existing physical Global Villages, but in the context of fully open global design communities, is taking more and more shape. Here below is Marcin’s vision for an organizational strategy. More info in his dedicated wiki: The focus of our Global Village Construction program is… Continue reading

Research fest 3: Complex Communication Networks

We asked Jonas Andersen, whom we met at Copenhagen’s Advice University to provide us with a summary of his Master’s Thesis on ‘Complex Communication Networks’ Common platform, common goal My approach to p2p dynamics is through communications and medium theory. This result in two levels of interest: 1) The physical level of media and distribution… Continue reading

What’s next for the Open Source Appropriate Technology movement?

At the very moment when venture capital is concluding that open source software is now simply the default option and proprietary software is no longer sustainable as an investment strategy, open source as a development strategy and commons-oriented framework is also fast moving in the field of ‘physical production’, particulary in the field of appropriate… Continue reading

P2P as new paradigm for communication professionals

A spinoff from a lecture in Copenhagen, at Advice University, this interview by Mikkel Holm Sørensen focuses on the impact of P2P for communication professionals: Mikkel Holm Sørensen (MHS): Thanks for taking time for this interview, Michel. Let’s start from the top. We are going to talk a lot about P2P processes, so please briefly… Continue reading

Couchsurfing emerging as a case study in company-community foul up

I have no time at present to research this in-depth. But it transpires that Couchsurfing is emerging as a case study on how a company attempts to mobilize volunteers but then botches up the relation with the community, offering them no real power of participation, considering them merely as free labor; or at least, this… Continue reading

Research fest 1: A framework for mass collaboration and stigmergy

Mark Elliot has finished his PhD research with flying colours, with a recommendation by Howard Rheingold that it ‘ought to be a book’. You can find various links with info and a download address here. Here’s a summary of the topic: “The core insight of the thesis is that mass collaboration (Wikipedia, open source software,… Continue reading