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Building wireless meshworks with recycled computers

Interesting technical solution that could be used in both developed and developing countries: From World Changing: “CUWiN — the Champaign-Urbana community WIreless Network — brings together a bunch of worldchanging ideas into one useful package: Free/Open Source software to create ad-hoc municipal wireless networks using recycled old PCs. The software — which can be downloaded… Continue reading

Book of the Week: From EQ to CQ (Collaborative Intelligence)

“An anthill can survive and feed itself in some of the most hostile environments. No single ant knows how it all works – nor does it need to. Individually ants are pretty dumb creatures, collectively they are very smart. Human beings, on the other hand, are individually very smart” but can be collectively smart as… Continue reading

Anthony judges the dark side of peer to peer (Reactions to P2P Video 1)

Anthony Judge, a keen observer of organizational dynamics, has written this reaction to our latest new video on P2P. I will respond later to these subtantial points. Tony Judge: You make a good case. My comments are briefly as follows: — in explaining the magic of Linux and Wiki, and generalizing from that, you use… Continue reading

Computer networks: simulation or liberation?

In Reality Sandwich, John Lamb Lash poses an interesting question about the spiritual nature of our interconnected computer networks. Let me first say that I feel the article errs by attempting to create a univocal understanding of Gnosticism, as a movement which did not reject the material cosmos (anti-cosmism), while I have encountered Gnostics (and… Continue reading

Nurturing as the root of non-reciprocity

In my recent meditation on abundance and scarcity, I made a distinction between non-reciprocal peer production, and reciprocity or exchange based formats, with the two latter applicable in conditions of scarcity. If we are to believe this interesting contribution by Genevieve Vaughan, at the root of non-reciprocity lies the nurturing role of the mother, who… Continue reading

The rebirth of mutual aid societies in the U.S.

Anya Kamenetz has an important article in Daniel Pinchbeck’s Reality Sandwich site. After noticing the revival of volunteerism in New Orleans, by Young Urban Rebuilding Professionals, she reviews the history of mutual aid societies, from 800 BC in India until today in the U.S.. Of particular interest is the mention of the organization she is… Continue reading

A meditation on abundance and scarcity

I wrote this for the European Center for the Experience Economy, which just published a related contribution on the law of asymmetric competition. Text: We live in a political economy that has it exactly backwards. We believe that our natural world is infinite, and therefore that we can have an economic system based on infinite… Continue reading

The Prosper Lender Rebellion, and the US Credit/Borrowing Black Hole

(via P2P-Kredite) The P2P Lending enabler-site is experiencing a rebellion by it’s lenders, mostly found on it’s forums: See: ”FLASH:Prosper bans $100.000 lender“, “Prosper Mng. Living Under a Rock“, “Shooting the Messenger“, “What happens if Prosper goes under?“, “I am done lending on Prosper“, “Hello Prosper Moderator“, “Lender’s WHO are DONE with Prosper“, “My… Continue reading

Gregg Lahood on spiritual projection (P2P in Australia 6)

Gregg Lahood, a transpersonal psychologist I had the opportunity to contact during my last lecture tour in Australia, has paid us a visit in Chiang Mai, and this was the occasion for some fascinating conversations on spiritual authoritarianism. I would like to share one of the texts found on his website, dealing with the link… Continue reading