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Genevieve Vaughan on the difference between gifting and exchange

An interesting feminist take on the difference between exchanging and gifting, which I found here. Our own wiki entry with definitions and citations are here. Genevieve Vaughan: “One particularly important loop in the thread of gift giving is the double gift: giving in order to receive a return gift – what we call ‘exchange’. Exchange… Continue reading

iCare: A Peer To Peer Charity Marketplace Online

The iCare project emerged from ideas shared by two Berkeley College students, while watching he devastation of Hurricane Katrina unfold: After hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, Berkeley Engineering graduate students Ephrat Bitton and Anand Kulkarni watched with the rest of the world as logistical snafus, bureaucratic red tape and communication breakdowns prevented charitable aid… Continue reading

Assignment Zero, open-source journalism

I stumbled upon this site, which is about open-source journalism. Their about page: “Inspired by the open-source movement, this is an attempt to bring journalists together with people in the public who can help cover a story. It’s a collaboration among NewAssignment.Net, Wired, and those who choose to participate. The investigation takes place in the… Continue reading

Video:Software and Community in the Early 21st Century

“This is an extraordinary lecture on video in which Eben Moglen, the lawyer of the Free Software Foundation, explains that we have achieved an extraordinary moment in history, in which the whole of human knowledge can be shared with everyone, at marginal reproduction costs. In this context, sharing becomes the most economically fruitful strategy, and… Continue reading

Cosma Orsi on the Political Economy of Solidarity and the Partner State

One of the highlights of my recent visit to Denmark, which included speaking at Reboot 9, extended conversations with my much admired friend Adam Arvidsson, meeting Uffe Elbaek, Jytte and Simon Kavanagh at the incredible school at Aarhus, was an unexpected meeting with Cosma Orsi who is associated with the University of Roskilde. I… Continue reading

Top 5 P2P Books of the Week

Did we mean participate or Did we mean something else? by Markus Miessen & Shumon Basar, Editors From Flatness? Today, the need to identify and instrumentalise “spatial practices” becomes significant due to the unprecedented visibility of what one might call “globalization at work”: from Iraq to Nepal, Dubai to Mumbai, a new atlas is… Continue reading

Should we worry about Web 2.0 takeovers?

The IDC mailing list recently carried a flurry of exchanges critiquing the corporate takeovers and mergers of web 2.0 platforms, with particular worries about what would happen with personal and private data. I’ve always thought that web 2.0 represents a social contract that says: “let us share and collaborate, and in turn, we accept that… Continue reading

Why should a company go open source?

Our friend Francois Rey is a big fan of the Collaber collaborative software. See He recently sent them a blog posting which outlines not just the benefits of going ‘open source’, but gives an indication of different hybrid business an licensing models which may have the effect of creating a convergene between business and… Continue reading

Book of the Week: Devices of the Soul, part 4

We continue our publication of excerpts from Steve Talbott’s new book. Today: what to think of transactional efficiency as the be all and and all of development. Praises for the Internet’s efficiency were from the beginning so extreme, so exhilarated, so full of revolutionary expectation (“frictionless capitalism”!) – and, in their own narrow terms, so… Continue reading