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Trends in the Living Networks: Interview on MySpace and social media

Be sure to check out Ross Dawson’s podcast of his recent ABC radio interview: Trends in the Living Networks: Interview on MySpace and social media Yesterday I was interviewed on ABC Radio National’s Counterpoint program about MySpace and social media, together with Sebastian Chan, the web services manager for Powerhouse Museum – the interview is… Continue reading


Link: apophenia: lonelygirl15 I have been finding over the past year that, as “crowdsourcing” and web 2.0 start up projects begin to proliferate, investors and venture capitalists are starting to look for people who can successfully “start a fire”, or create a “buzz”. The “buzz” that you create doesn’t even have to be directly related… Continue reading

Free from copyright. No rights reserved. A new kind of book by John Heron 2006.

Dear Friends, I’ve launched a new book “Participatory Spirituality: A Farewell to Authoritarian Religion” at It is an experimental foray into participatory publishing, using the facilities provided by Bob Young’s Lulu Press Inc. Young, of course, has been very influential in the development of Linux and open source software. Lulu Press is his latest… Continue reading

What You Should Know About Copyright

[orginally posted at Social Synergy, via BoingBoing] Why should you become literate about the way that copyright works? Think about the amount of media in the form of books, movies, music, video games, software products, and television shows that you consume in a given month or week. Each one of these products has a license… Continue reading

Praxis publish ‘Cyberwar, Netwar and the Revolution in Military Affairs’

Greg Walton announces the following on his excellent blog: I’m very excited by Praxis‘ soon-to-be published book on Cyberwar, Netwar, and RMA: The end of the Cold War ushered in a new phase of global security in which new threats and challenges emanate from non-conventional sources, and in which the weapons and means to prosecute… Continue reading

Irrepressible is a campaign by Amnesty International to stop internet repression in countries like China, Vietnam, Tunisia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria, where people are persecuted and imprisoned for self-expression. Irrepressible gives three suggested outlets for participation: 1. Sign our pledge on Internet freedom to call on all governments and companies to ensure the Internet… Continue reading

Wikipedia’s Jimbo Wales Takes A Stand Against Chinese Censporship

[see: Social Synergy Odd Wiki Bliki: InternetCensorship] The Observer reports that Wikipedia:Jimmy_Wales has challenged Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft to stand up to Chinese government censorship. The article Wikipedia:Blocking_of_Wikipedia_in_mainland_China explains that Wikipedia was likeley blocked in China due to articles about Taiwanese independence, Falun Gong and Tiananmen Square protests (see: Wikipedia:Tiananmen_Square_protests_of_1989). The Observer reports: Wales will… Continue reading

A private library system controlled by a single corporation?

We previously mentioned the concerns of the U.S. library community about Google’s project to massively digitize public domain books. The digitizing is welcome, but the secret nature of the contracts with some libraries, and attending non-disclosure clauses, are worrisome. In the words of Brewster Kahle: “We want a public library system in the digital age,… Continue reading