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OpenBusiness » Blog Archive » Building on Open Business as Entrepreneurs Lifecycle Management

OpenBusiness » Blog Archive » Building on Open Business as Entrepreneurs Lifecycle Management This is building on I think it is possible to create knowledge bases of ways that people can accomplish things by “doing less with moreâ€?, for one. I theorize that invest would be more willing to fund alliances of micro-enterprises if… Continue reading

YouTube Whistle Blowing — CooperationCommons

YouTube Whistle Blowing — CooperationCommons [Bliki | What is a Bliki?] The Washington Post reports that Lockheed engineer Michael De Kort became frustrated after he repeatedly warned Coast Gaurd officials about security problems,and cold weather malfunctioning problems in Coast Gaurd boat equipment De Kort decided to take matters into his own hands and post a… Continue reading

The different aspects of peer governance

For some time now, we have been compiling a directory of concepts related to the emergence of peer governance. The key aspects of peer governance are Anti-credentialism , Communal Validation, Equipotentiality, and Holoptism . The Open Co-op Project has tried to formalize a number of characteristics of such Open Organizations. I think it is important… Continue reading

Jamais Cascio interviewed on MemeTherapy

 From : MT: Do you think political blogging/smart mobs are poised to start having a serious impact on the decisions being made by elected officials in the western democracies? If not what do you think needs to happen first? I think they’re already having an impact, but not necessarily in the ways that… Continue reading

Celebrating participatory culture in music

Two items of interest: the travelling NetAudio festivals, and an interesting Swiss inititiative to collectively enjoy Creative Commons licensed music: Thanks to the OpenBusiness blog, which is substantially improving its coverage of open music and film business models! NetAudio06: “Netaudio’06 is a celebration of the communal effort and productivity of netlabel activists and musicians. The… Continue reading

Web 2.0 and the Third Enclosure, part two: opposing the new digital sharecropping agreements

This is a follow up on the previous post. In these pages, we regularly hail Web 2.0. developments as a forward step, since many forces, commercial or not, are now conspiring to build participatory platforms. But there is a dark side to it, which is that the remote services take control of your data; and… Continue reading

Has the time come to oppose the third enclosure movement?

The concept of Enclosures refers to the private appropriation of hitherto common goods. The First Enclosures took part in 15th=18th England, and refers to the loss of the common agricultural lands of the medieval peasantry; which set the stage for the emergence of capitalism: James Boyle has eloquently written about the Second Enclosures of the… Continue reading

FTC On Net Neutrality: More Of The Same

[via Smartmobs]Broadband Reports posted a news brief yesterday about the FTC hearing on Net Neutrality. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chairwoman Deborah Platt Majoras is quoted “[W]e virtually always assert the principle that, absent clear evidence of market failure or consumer harm, policymakers should not enact blanket prohibitions of particular forms of business conduct or business… Continue reading