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The Reputation Society, a forthcoming book by Hassan Masum and Yi-Cheng Zhang

Hassan Masum and Yi-Cheng Zhang are working on their book, The Reputation Society, with updates provided on their website,, from which we quote below, starting with the questions that inform their work: How will better matchmaking and collaborative filtering bring you better choices? Can liars and cheats be made more accountable? How can the… Continue reading

Defining Global Neighborhoods; Call for Comments

Re-blogged from Shel Israel outlines Global Neighbourhoods, asks for comments: I’m thinking out loud in this post, trying to assemble the underlying thoughts that will become Global Neighborhoods. I am still meandering. I really won’t know what the new book will contain until after I complete my magical mysterious tour of a large slice… Continue reading An experiment in participatory journalism

[orignally posted at Smartmobs] [bliki | what is a bliki?] [via BuzzMachine] Jay Rosen has launched an open source and open funded journalism experiment called Here’s how it works: Alright, what is it? In simplest terms, a way to fund high-quality, original reporting, in any medium, through donations to a non-profit called NewAssignment.Net. The… Continue reading

Folksonomic Value Proposition Part 1

Distribution x (Production/Recording) = Value From a social interaction designer’s perspective, the 2.0 web is a fascinating and somewhat confusing amalgamation of information selection and delivery, computing functionality, social interaction, individual user activity, design, and presentation, all rolled out over time through a medium whose front and back end continuously present and integrate their use…. Continue reading

Jay Rosen:The People Formerly Known As “The Audience”

We really are currently witnessing an emerging change in the way people interact with “media” content. This change actually reflects the nature of the digital medium that it is taking place in: The networked digital medium allows us to emulate and even improve on technology that previously was cost prohibitive for most people. So, publishing… Continue reading

Vernor Vinge on the peer-based singularity

I’m reblogging this link to an interview with science-fiction Vernor Vinge, one of my favorites, as it explicitely relates to a view that the new artificial intelligences will be peer-based: Instapundit: “I’m interested in the Singularity, and I’m a big fan of Vernor Vinge’s. He’s got a new book out next week called Rainbows End,… Continue reading