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Teleconsciousness update: Steven Vedro’s seventh level technologies

We continue our presentation of Steven Vedro’s manuscript, linking levels of technology to levels of consciousness, using the eastern chakra system as metaphor. See previously for the sixth level concordances. Contact the author for further info at srvedr at charter dot net Steven Vedro: “In eastern energy yoga, the seventh chakra is the link to… Continue reading

Teleconsciousness update: Steven Vedro’s sixth level

The following is an update to our announcement on Steven Vedro’s examination and interlinking of ‘stages of consciousness’ with technology. Here’s the intro defining what he means by the sixth level: Excerpt 1: “The core personal metaphor of sixth-level teleconsciousness is “deep seeingâ€? – moving from focusing on what’s in front of us to expanding… Continue reading

Debating Relationality and Individuality, part two: relations need an object

We continue our exploration. In the first Jyri Engeström stresses that a groups engaged in a common are more than just a sum of relationships: they need an object. The second item is a debate between John Heron, pioneer of cooperative inquiry and relational spirituality, with Ted Lumley, theorist of Inclusionality. Finally, for those who… Continue reading

Debating Relationality and Individuality, part one: on the primacy of relationality

One of the popular categories in the P2P Foundation’s topical areas, is the one introducing and discussing ‘relational concepts‘. One of the key tenets of P2P Theory is that contemporary society is undergoing a shift from the primacy of individualism, to the primacy of relationality; that just as modernity was about extracting the individual dimension… Continue reading

Report on e-democracy projects worldwide

Re-blogged from Steven Clift, who reports on a new report titled, “New Democracies, New Media: What’s New – A study of e-participation projects in third-wave democraciesâ€? (PDF version) by Professor Stephen Coleman and Ildiko Kaposi. The report has a country by country overview of such initiatives, such as the the Open Government site in MongoliaÂ… Continue reading

Open Video contest announcement

Creative Commons and the Fedora Project are pleased to announce the Open Video Contest taking place now. Â The contest promotes flexible copyright, open media formats and the Fedora Project. Entries must be 30 seconds or less, in OGG Theora format, promote freedom and openness, and be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license…. Continue reading

The Open Revolution in Brazil: Baile Funk’s copyrights free music

Brazil, as you may have noticed in the country pages at the P2P Foundation, is one of the leading countries regarding open and commons-related developments. This is how we start the collection of resources of that country: “Brazil is at the forefront of a new movement challenging established Intellectual Property regimes in a variety of… Continue reading

The Open Peer Review experiment at Biology Direct

Nature magazine carries an item on a experiment in scientific publishing at Biology Direct, which is trying an open peer review system that is both distinct from the traditional peer review system, and different from the anti-credentialist communal validation process used in many peer production projects. We cite: “In Biology Direct, everything happens in the… Continue reading