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Groupware is out, Soloware is in

Stowe Boyd has an interesting blog entry that touches on different subjects such as consumer collaboration, the self-directed innovator, and soloware vs. groupware. While the whole entry is recommended, I would like to focus on the last topic. Groupware was team-oriented, and teams were part of an organisation. So shared depositories were created, which demanded… Continue reading

What is individual property, what is common property, what is collective property?

In an earler post, we reproduced some questions by Paolo DiMaio of p2p.aid, basically asking the question what is property, i.e. how does an individual acquire property in the first place, and how can property become common? This is a key question as we develop the digital commons. Kevin Carson from has been so… Continue reading

Entrepreneurs of Cooperation Essay

by Sam Rose [reblogged here from a post made Cooperation Commons weblog] [bliki| What is a bliki?] Jonathan Rowe has an excellent essay published at that discusses historic examples of successful cooperative economies that emerged during the Great Depression era (1930’s) in the US. These economies used bartering, time banks, alternative currency, and cooperative… Continue reading

Loren Goldner on the recovery of the cosmobiological tradition

One of the problems I see with the contemporary left is its attachment to the industrial mode of civilization and its central conflicts. Underlying this is a deeper attachment to the ideas of modernity and the Enlightenment. While these traditions have much value, and they made us what we are, ‘they are us’, we also… Continue reading

Four ages of the Western Mind, and the fifth

Underlying the shift to peer to peer modes of human organization and technological infrastructure is a deeper epistemological shift, i,e. a new way of seeing the world, of ‘knowing’. For a good history of these modes of seeing, the 1994 book by Henryk Skolimowski, is still a recommended must. He distinguished Mythos, Logos, Theos, Mechanos… Continue reading

Magic as participatory consciousness

We continue our exploration of participatory spirituality, which we monitor through a special topical area at the P2P Foundation, which contain the especially popular entries on Participatory and Relational Spirituality. A key question is the following: Should older forms of human consciousness be abandoned and rejected as prerational or irrational, or rather, should they be… Continue reading

Australian Future Media conference

Ross Dawson announces an interesting Future of Media conference in Sydney: ” The Future of Media Summit 2006 will be a unique conference connecting thought leaders at simultaneous events in San Francisco and Sydney. Video, audio, interactive cross-continental discussions, and live audience blogging will create an entirely new experience for participants.” Find more information about… Continue reading

Apple’s ethical troubles revealed by Actics Ethical evaluation tool

One of the people I really admire for his insights into the new economy is Adam Arviddson of the Actics blog, who we recently quoted on the Ethical Economy. These insights are not just theory, but very much applicable to judge the chances of success of companies. For example, Adam recently pointed out that it… Continue reading