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Differentiations in P2P Psychology: the legacy of Clare W. Graves

One of the aims of P2P Theory, is not just to study social change and to understand the current transformation of our civilisation, but to have an understanding of the psychological underpinnings of this transformation. This project is beyond my own individual ability, but nevertheless, I am and will be collating material on this. My… Continue reading

The P2P Meme Map, and the positioning of the Foundation

We’ve experimented with a new visualisation of the P2P universe, and we’re adding an excercise in positioning the P2P Foundation within it. (to view the vizualization below, right click and select ‘view image’ as there is too much text for the width of this blog…’apologies in advance..) Strategic Positioning P2P is a template of human… Continue reading

‘Fair trade’ or: Peer arbitration in markets

Just Prices and Equitable Markets A reprint from P2P News 101: The context: Remember that peer to peer theory uses the relational model of intersubjective relations of Alan Page Fiske, which says that there are four basic modes of inter-relating: 1) non-reciprocal communal shareholding, what I call peer to peer; 2) authority ranking; 3) equality… Continue reading