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    • @mikeriddell62: At last, a debate on values! Thanks Jerome – thanks Michel! Having spent the last seven years designing a community currency...

    • Kasper: Even the BBC noticed some (revolutionary) guys don’t agree with above statement: http://www.bbc.com/news/techno logy-26996936

    • John Rogers: Hull is my home town so I took a particular interest in this piece of news. The article I read first was dated April 1st, so my first...

Video: Sustainable Models for Open Manufacturing

photo of Michel Bauwens

Michel Bauwens
27th September 2013

Watch the video here:

“What does it mean to build a new production process that is decentralized, local and open for everyone? How will this new form of production (from supply chain to workers, from facilities to infrastructures) emerge? What are the major signs that this will be possible? And the major constraints? “

Jacopo Amistani @JAmistani – Co-Founder, Open Source Ecology Italy

Andrea Cattabriga @andrecatta -Co-Founder, Slowd.it

Zoe Romano @zoescope – Digital Strategy & Wearables, Arduino

Simone Cicero @meedabyte – Italy & Factory Connector, OuiShare


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