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The inaugural issue of the Journal of Peer Production to be launched

photo of Michel Bauwens

Michel Bauwens
3rd July 2012

The new Journal of Peer Production is in the last stages of preparation, and we have a ‘invited comment’ in the issue as well. The issue goes under the difficult title of ‘Productive Negation’ but has a very interesting collection of contributions. Our own article is entitled: From the Theory of Peer Production to the Production of Peer Production Theory.

Bruce Sterling in Wired also refers to the second issue of the journal, on bio-hacking.

Here is some general background to the initiative, to distinguish it from an earlier iteration of the journal:

“The inaugural issue of the Journal of Peer Production was published under the title Critical Studies in Peer Production. It was then hosted by Oekonux, a non-profit organization devoted to the theoretical and practical advancement of peer production. However disagreements about the direction of the journal led to the editorial team deciding to leave Oekonux and relaunch the project under a new name. The Journal of Peer Production is now hosted by the Foundation for P2P Alternatives, a non-profit organization aiming to study the impact of peer to peer technology and thought on society.”

The announced contents are:

* Authority in Peer Production: The Emergence of Governance in the FreeBSD Project; by George Dafermos

* Why Free Software Is Not the Antonym of Commercial Software: Two Case Studies from Corporate and Volunteer Based Projects; by Stefano De Paoli, Vincenzo D’Andrea and Maurizio Teli

* Caring About the Plumbing: On the Importance of Architectures in Social Studies of (Peer-to-Peer) Technology; by Francesca Musiani

Invited Comments

* From the Theory of Peer Production to the Production of Peer Production Theory; by Michel Bauwens

* Peer to Peer Production as the Alternative to Capitalism: A New Communist Horizon; by Jakob Rigi

* Beyond Digital Plenty: Building Blocks for Physical Peer Production; by Christian Siefkes


* Peer Production and Societal Transformation. Ten Patterns Developed by the Oekonux Project; by Stefan Meretz html

* Peer Production and Societal Transformation: A Practice-Based Perspective; by Maurizio Teli html

* A Note on Evaluation Processes for Social Phenomena with Ambitious Claims; by Toni Prug html


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