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Talking p2p and #p2pwikisprint in the Tabacalera in Madrid

photo of Michel Bauwens

Michel Bauwens
26th March 2013

This spanish-english dialogue took place in one of the largest self-managed places in Madrid, and involves both the people physically present, AND the people present via Google Hangout … The quality of the recording is less than usual, but to have experienced such a globa’local dialogue, which amongst others, discusses the evaluation of our latest #p2pwikisprint, was very special:

Thanks to Sylvia of Fora do Eixo Spain for the wonderful Tabacalera hospitality, to Bernardo Gutierrez, Albert Corsin, Domenico, Vinicius, our translator, and the remote participants from Chiapas, Rio, Salamanco and other places.


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