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Synthetic overview of the collaborative economy full appendixes

photo of chris pinchen

chris pinchen
29th October 2012

This month we are serialising the report “Synthetic overview of the collaborative economy”, coproduced by Orange Labs and the P2P Foundation. Today the full, in-depth  Appendixes. This is the final installment, but all posts on the report can be found here and there is a lively discussion over on facebook too! And remember you can download the full report here.

The “Ask Me Anything” Q&A with Michel Bauwens from reddit  has now been recorded as a conversation with James Burke and will be posted here tomorrow. It provides more valuable insight into the themes covered in the report – don’t miss it.

If you are interested in the P2P Foundation carrying out similar work for you/your organisation please get in touch

Synthetic Overview of the Collaborative Economy: Appendixes


2 Responses to “Synthetic overview of the collaborative economy full appendixes”

  1. Pieter Silvius Says:

    Dear Mr. Bauwens,

    Do you know Franz Hörmann (university Vienna). He is an expert in statistics.
    I suppose you do, but in case you don’t:
    His work fits perfectly within the P2P vision. He has fascinating views on the structure and the limitations of money, on the power and possibilities of internet and the world after the inevitable crash of the money system which he expected to happen in 2011.

    With kind regards,

    Pieter Silvius
    The Netherlands

  2. Michel Bauwens Says:

    I didn’t know Franz and thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely check!


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