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Project of the Day: the Earthworker Cooperative in Australia

photo of Michel Bauwens

Michel Bauwens
18th April 2013

Earthworker Cooperative is a social enterprise with a mission to create solutions for transitioning Australia’s workforce into a low carbon economy, through the manufacture of renewable energy infrastructure.

Here are more details:

“Earthworker Cooperative is a social enterprise with a mission to create solutions for transitioning Australia’s workforce into a low carbon economy. It aims to create jobs, build social capital and protect the environment in local communities through the manufacture of renewable energy infrastructure.

The cooperative factories are to be established in regional areas where large proportions of the workforce are dependant on carbon intensive industries/energy generation.

The Earthworker Cooperative’s objective is to raise 100,000 Australians to contribute to the establishment of the first Cooperative in Morwell,Victoria via the purchase of factory equipment through a $20 membership fee. Joining the Earthworker Cooperative is simple and can be done at this site. Apart from the membership fee, there only remains acceptance of the single set of aims and objectives underpinning the work of the organisation.

Aim: To facilitate the establishment of manufacturing workers cooperatives through our country, especially in the coal regions of Australia, through membership of the Earthworker Cooperative.

Objective: To support the factories in their work of manufacturing the best renewable energy products, through support with building the membership of Earthworker Cooperative, financial assistance to the workers cooperatives, support with marketing and any other forms of support asked of us by the manufacturing cooperatives.

Join us in this, our country’s work

Eureka’s Future – a solar hot water cooperative – will manufacture the highest quality solar hot water units; creating jobs in regional Australia and cities across the country. The three pillars of the project are job creation, sustainability and workers rights.

Eureka’s Future – the first Earthworker Cooperative – will provide Australian’s with new manufacturing jobs and produce the green technology to advance our living standards and protect our environment.”


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