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Pat Conaty on the Need for Fast Money but Slow Capital

photo of Michel Bauwens

Michel Bauwens
3rd November 2013

This is an extraordinary #mustwatch presentation, on how to overcome the ‘casino economy’,

Pat Conaty explains the background to this talk and his ongoing projects:

“”I am working to compile this as a report on an integrated Fair Trade Money and Banking system. This BALTA report for the Canadians should be published early next year. I gave a public lecture on the elements of this at Schumacher College in Devon last March. This was an Earth Talk and co-sponsored by Transition Towns UK.

I am working on ways that seek to reposition co-operative finance onto its original foundations that most people forget sought ways to lend without interest. If you check the analysis out, you will see that I am advocating no one single solution but the idea of TAPAS or ‘there are plenty of alternative solutions’. It is this creative coupling of different public banking and co-operative money models that could reframe a new Fair Trade Banking infrastructure and link up with a radical policy superstructure and the arguments that P2P and the Commons Strategies Group is advancing. Think of the insights of Robert Owen and Keynes with a mixture of Gesell, Marx and Schumacher and a tasty cocktail of solutions could be dispersed to enable a Jubilee release from debt slavery.”

Watch the video here:


One Response to “Pat Conaty on the Need for Fast Money but Slow Capital”

  1. Chris Cook Says:

    The Peer to Peer and Peer to Asset solutions are IMHO to be found in updating protocols and instruments which pre-date modern finance capital.

    This means re-inventing both the Private=Plc sector AND the Public=State approaches.

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