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Open Source Solar Steam Engine

photo of Sepp Hasslberger

Sepp Hasslberger
30th April 2013

Zenman Energy is working on developing and prototyping an open source concentrated solar thermal/steam power generation application.

Our first major project is to produce an affordable solar steam engine. On paper (well… on computer screen) our first design is a fraction of the cost of current photovoltaic solutions. It may even compete with the cost of coal power. When the prototype is complete, we will release detailed construction plans for free.

This may sound strange, but we WANT you to copy our designs. First, we need help to improve the implementations but more importantly we need YOU or your business to make money from solar power production. Zenman Energy can’t create enough power plants to make a dent in how the world creates energy, it will take lots of people to make this happen.

We are not doing this for the money…



2 Responses to “Open Source Solar Steam Engine”

  1. Indy Says:

    Sorry the link is not working – thank you!

  2. Kris De Decker Says:

    I would like to remark that this prototype is based on the Green Steam Engine, for which you can buy plans online. That machine has never been proven to work.

    See the comments here, for example: http://blog.makezine.com/2007/07/25/green-steam/

    I would think twice before donating to this project.

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