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Open Everything P2P Presentation for TEDx Brussels

photo of Michel Bauwens

Michel Bauwens
23rd November 2009

With the help of the Prezi staff (thanks to lily fischer and zoltan especially), I am happy to be able to present my first presentation on “Open Everything” for the TEDx Brussels event at the European Parliament:


3 Responses to “Open Everything P2P Presentation for TEDx Brussels”

  1. Shamblesguru Says:

    The Prezi image above is just a static fuzzy image on my windows XP machine … even though a ‘right click’ shows it is embedded Flash.

    Is anyone else having problems … or is the Prezi playing OK?

  2. David Nixon Says:

    The youtube video linked in your presentation is no longer available. Time to update your presentation Michel!

  3. Michel Bauwens Says:

    thanks, will check!

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