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Occupy, Anthropology, and the 2011 Global Uprisings

photo of chris pinchen

chris pinchen
8th August 2012

Source: InterOccupy.net

Cultural Anthropology has just launched its sixth Hot Spot — Occupy, Anthropology, and the 2011 Global Uprisings. The collection is guest edited by Jeffrey S. Juris and Maple Razsa, and includes 20 essays from ethnographers and activists around the world.



Jeffrey S. Juris and Maple Razsa, Introduction: Occupy, Anthropology, and the 2011 Global Uprisings

Prefigurative Politics

Marianne Maeckelbergh, Horizontal Decision-Making across Time and Place

Chris Garces, People’s Mic and “Leaderful” Charisma

Philip Cartelli, Trying to Occupy Harvard

Public Space

Zoltan Gluck, Between Wall Street and Zuccotti: Occupy and the Scale of Politics

Carles Feixa, et al., The #spanishrevolution and Beyond

Dimitris Dalakoglou, The Movement and the “Movement” of Syntagma Square

Experience and Subjectivity

Jeffrey S. Juris, The 99% and the Production of Insurgent Subjectivity

Diane Nelson, et al., Her earliest leaf’s a flower…

Maple Razsa, The Subjective Turn: The Radicalization of Personal Experience within Occupy Slovenia

Marina Sitrin, Occupy Trust: The Role of Emotion in the New Movements

Strategy and Tactics

David Graeber, Occupy Wall Street rediscovers the radical imagination

Kate Griffiths-Dingani, May Day, Precarity, Affective Labor, and the General Strike

Angelique Haugerud, Humor and Occupy Wall Street

Karen Ho, Occupy Finance and the Paradox/Possibilities of Productivity

Social Media

Alice Mattoni, Beyond Celebration: Toward a More Nuanced Assessment of Facebook’s Role in Occupy Wall Street

John Postill, Participatory Media Research and Spain’s 15M Movement

Critical Perspectives

Yvonne Yen Liu, Decolonizing the Occupy Movement

Manissa McCleave Maharawal, Fieldnotes on Union Square, Anti-Oppression, and Occupy

Uri Gordon, Israel’s “Tent Protests”: A Domesticated Mobilization

Alex Khasnabish, Occupy Nova Scotia: The Symbolism and Politics of Space

View previous Hot Spot collections at Cultural Anthropology Online.


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