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Invitation to warm-up meeting for #GlobalSquare project at Berlin Biennale 2012

photo of chris pinchen

chris pinchen
3rd April 2012

via Carolina

TheGlobalSquare (TGS) is a project that aims at building an international platform for communication, collaboration, coordination and making-decisions at a global level. It is based on decentralized networking and social swarm, respecting privacy and transparency. Our aim is to develop a protocol and data exchange vocabulary in order to connect every free social network initiative and project, gathering all of them into a common chain so they will be able to communicate easily and freely among each other. We are not seeking for uniformity but for federation, decentralization and collaboration.

This year the curators from Berlin Biennale have invited the occupy movement to have a self-organized space inside the KW, where people can live for 2 months next May and June. This will give TGS the space to do actions, talks, workshops, hacking, reading, watching films, all focussing on democracy, social swarming, free licenses and how we are going to change the world. We want to offer workshops for tech newbies on encryption, help install free software, discuss social networks, develop common strategies against censorhip laws like ACTA, SOPA, etc., and think beyond what we can imagine.

The Global Square project wants to invite you to join our warm-up meeting on April 11th, 2012, 19:00h, at K9 – Groessenwahn (through the backyard), Kinzigstr. 9, 10247 Berlin, near U5 Samariterstraße.

Please come and spread the word!


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