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From Vertical Power by Leadership to Horizontal Power by Leadingship

photo of Michel Bauwens

Michel Bauwens
12th January 2013

* Paper: From Vertical Power by Leadership for Someone to Horizontal Power by Leadingship for Everyone. By Rune Kvist Olsen.

A call to arms to corporate heretics to intervene on the evolution of leadership, and save corporations from obsoleteness, which you can find here.

A short excerpt from the conclusion:

In challenging the corporate establishment by revealing its insufficiencies and
inadequacies, we are enlightening the corporate factors that are threatening the
mere existence of corporations. In that way we are taking responsible for the
adaption to future conditions if we are willing and daring to look beyond and
study the prospects of the way future corporations could be organized, managed
and led. In the case of blindness towards future options and challenges, the
survival of our present corporations would be truly endangered if the old way in
managing work and people are not changed and not transformed into future
adaptability and compatibility.


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