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Essay of the Day: Production and Governance in Hackerspaces

photo of Michel Bauwens

Michel Bauwens
16th March 2014

* Essay: Production and governance in hackerspaces: A manifestation of Commons-based peer production in the physical realm? By Vasilis Kostakis, Vasilis Niaros and Christos Giotitsas.

From the Abstract:

“This article deals with the phenomenon of hackerspaces and sheds light on the relationship of their underlying values, organizational structures and productive processes to those of the online communities of Commons-based peer production projects. While hackerspaces adopt hybrid modes of governance, this article attempts to identify patterns, trends and theory that can frame their production and governance mechanisms. Using a diverse amount of literature and case studies, it is argued that, in many cases, hackerspaces exemplify several aspects of peer production projects’ principles and governance mechanisms.”


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