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CulturaDigital.Br Festival

photo of Franco Iacomella

Franco Iacomella
13th September 2011

More than an event for the exhibition of ideas and projects, the CulturaDigital.Br Festival is a space for encounters between agents of digital culture from Brazil and all over the world — producers and activists who operate in the intersection between culture, politics, technology.

From December 2-4th, MAM-Rio and Cine Odeon in Rio de Janeiro will be taken by keynote sessions, debates, meet-ups, workshops, exhibitions and performances. Our goal is to articulate a debate between some of the most expressive global specialists, networks and the public, concerning the national and global conjuncture of digital culture – the role of intellectual property in the digital age and the advances in free software development.

In its 3rd edition, the CulturaDigital.Br Festival emerges in the context of massification and appropriation of technology by young independent producers who don’t necessarily fit in organizations nor have rigid ideological affiliations. Mostly, they are concerned with the practice and process of changing the cultural reality.

In this debate, technology and politics can’t be observed separately. It’s not about the denial of politics, but the confrontation of old structures. The CulturaDigital.Br Festival is produced by Casa da Cultura Digital, a creative cluster located in São Paulo that holds over 15 organizations.


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