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Open source hardware – Arduino expands into robotics

photo of Sepp Hasslberger

Sepp Hasslberger
3rd October 2013

Arduino has announced that it is shipping a new product, an open source robotic platform, for prices starting from 189€.


“Designed in cooperation with Complubot, 4-time world champions in the Robocup Junior robotics soccer, the Arduino Robot promises endless hours of experimentation and play.
It is a self-contained platform that allows you to build interactive machines to explore the world around you.”

“The Arduino Robot is the result of a collective effort from an international team looking to make science and electronics fun to learn.”

This is great news for experimenters. A basic robot that can be modified, added to and programmed, but also used just out of the box should certainly give robotics experimentation and development a boost.

Here is Arduino’s announcement with more details and a video…

The new Arduino Robot is now in the store!


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